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Plastic Card Case 9000 AMVET Thank You Card 9002 AMVET Get Well Card
Plastic Card Case
Our Price: $1.00
Thank you cards
Our Price: $1.25
Get Well Cards
Our Price: $1.25
Plastic Card Case (Blue)
9003 AMVET Sympathy Card 9004 AMVET Birthday Card AMVET Can Koozie
Sympathy Cards
Our Price: $1.25
Birthday Cards
Our Price: $1.25
AMVET Can Koozie
Our Price: $1.25
AMVET Sympathy Cards
Can Koozie
Certificate Holder Letter Opener Coffee Cup AMVETS
Certificate Holder
Our Price: $3.00
Letter Opener
Our Price: $5.95
Coffee Cup AMVETS
Our Price: $6.00
Certificate Holders for ROTC and other presentations WHITE W/LOGO
Fanny Pack Navy AMVET Apron w/ Pockets Navy Blue AMVET Challenge Coin
Fanny Pack Navy
Our Price: $8.00
AMVET Challenge Coin
Our Price: $10.00
Navy AMVET Fanny Pack Challenge coin featuring the five Branches of Service
White Clover Medal AMVET Check Book Cover Vietnam Ball Cap
White Clover Medal
Our Price: $10.95
AMVET Check Book Cover
Our Price: $12.00
Vietnam Ball Cap
Our Price: $12.00

What is a White Clover Medal?

The White Clover Medal is a National award that was developed and approved a number of years ago. It is recognition for an AMVETS member who exemplifies service to veterans, most often service to our hospitalized veterans. There is not one specific set of criteria; in fact various Departments have differing criteria.

However, it is frequently used to recognize a Post Service Officer or an individual who has performed some special task(s) in the line of service to hospitalized veterans.

Some departments/posts award it to the person leading the most successful “White Clover Drive” since the money raised is frequently used for the benefit of patients at the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Some department/posts award it to the person who represents their “AMVET of the Year,” based on individuals impressive accomplishments in service to veterans. Typically, departments/posts using this recognition make one award per year.

AMVET Check Book Cover
AMVET Garment Bag AUXILIARY Garment Bag Cold Weather Knit Cap Navy Blue
AMVET Garment Bag
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $12.00
Cold Weather Knit Cap  Black US Army Digital Ball Cap US Air Force Digital Ball Cap
US Army Digital Ball Cap
Our Price: $12.00
US Army Digital Ball Cap US Air Force Digital Base Ball Cap
USMC Digital Ball Cap USN Digital Ball Cap 30"x60" Towel USMC
USMC Digital Ball Cap
Our Price: $12.00
USN Digital Ball Cap
Our Price: $12.00
30"x60" Towel USMC
Our Price: $12.00
USMC Digital Base Ball Cap USN  Digital Base Ball Cap US Marine Towel 30"X60"
30"x60" Towel US Navy 30"x60" Towel US Air Force Coffee Cup w/Etched Logo & Engraving Plate
30"x60" Towel US Navy
Our Price: $12.00
US Navy Towel 30"X60"
US Air Force Towel 30"X60"
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Magnetic Pocket Name Badge Dress Shirt Light Blue S/S Small Dress Shirt Light Blue S/S Medium
Magnetic Pocket Name Badge
Dress Shirt Light Blue S/S Small Dress Shirt Light Blue S/S Medium